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The Bee Awareness Bracelet

Bees are in trouble right now and need your help! For the past few decades, bees have been dying off at an astronomical rate—the loss of millions of bees annually calculates into a complete loss of billions of dollars around the world. Bees, through their hard work of pollination contribute to making available almost every product that you eat daily. All of your fruits and vegetables, meats, and dairy are directly affected by the work of bees. How can you not see how critical it is to HELP SAVE THE BEES?!

Hey Guys! You CAN HELP! Each Bee Bracelet sold will contribute toward AWARENESS AND HELP SAVE HIVES AROUND THE GLOBE! Ten percent of the profits of each sale will go toward research to Help Save the Bees!

bee bracelet
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You can help the the entire globe by taking a small step toward helping to spread awareness. The Bee Bracelet is designed to do just that. Our main goal is to spread awareness of the declining bee populations. Please help us do that.

We’ve designed THE BEE to enrich your affinity for nature. To avoid victimization of animals, our product is crafted with a high-quality artificial leather.

You can’t change the world on your own. but, you can take steps towards a far better one. One. Tiny .Step. At . A. Time!

Wear the Bee Bracelet and be a part of the change!

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