Awareness Bee Bracelet

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Protect the Bees Bracelet






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You can modification the globe for the higher by taking tiny steps towards the modification you would like to check. The Bee Bracelet is designed to boost awareness of the declining world bee populations.

We’ve designed THE BEE to enrich your affinity for nature and harmony by victimization quality animal skin as our start line. We’ve drawn the bee in clear white, therefore it jumps off the organic compound motif to draw in the eye of friends and colleagues UN agency can see it and be drawn to that, very like the bee in nature is interested in the spore of our flowers.

Unable to carry back the eye, you will have many opportunities to be the modification you would like to check by chatting with admirers regarding the plight our bee populations face.

You can’t modification the globe on your own. however you’ll take steps towards a far better one. One tiny step at a time.

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